We’ve reached our initial goal of $600,000. But let’s not stop now….

We encourage everyone who supports these three great causes and their family and friends to help us raise even more funds for these worthy causes.



As of March 17th, 2017



% OF 600,000 GOAL


We would like to thank the following individuals and foundations for their generous contributions.

Janet Agnoletti
Mike Anderson
Armin Foundation
Gail & Jim Artrip
Greg Bach
Barrington Area Development Council
Pete and Kathy Badovinac
Bags for Charity
Barrington Area Community Foundation
Barrington Lions Club
Barrington United Methodist Church-Braithwaite
Barsanti Foundation
Jim and Laurel Bateman
Shefali Bhuva
Birthday Angel
Dave and Caryn Blanke
Jim Bramsen
Betsy Bramsen
Penny Braniff
Patricia Bregger
James T Bruzas Jr
Budin Law Offices
John and Kimbra Burnside
Bhaskar Burra
Richard Caldwell
Kathy Callahan
Canning Foundation
Jean Capellos
Seth L Cobb
Tom and Syliva Collins
Community Church of Barrington
Mark and Thelma Condon
Barbara Cunningham
Jackie Cusick
Joe Cusimano
Jim and Nancy Daluga
Kim Duchossois
Jayne and Jim Eckloff
Glenn Ephraim
Tim and Lisa Feeney
Robin Fern
Donna Fisher
Jim & Elizabeth Fisher
David L Andrews
Scott Currie
Joanne Eckel
Ronald M Hamelberg
Kathleen I Meyer
Daphne L. Pals
Marin and Dimi Parlev
David L Andrews
Parker Bach
Young Chung
Dale Coy
Scott Currie
Don and Marta Dhein
Joanne Eckel
Ronald M Hamelberg
Deborah N Hays
Marike Hildreth

Foglia Foundation
Sara Foszcz
Bonny J Gaffen
Karthikeyan Ganapathy
Beverly Gantt
Michael s Garner
Linda Gierlach
Doris Gierlach
Ronald Gierlach
Sally Ann Gill
Christina M Gire
Denny and Karen Gleason
Michael Gleason
Linda Griffin
Paula Herrmann
Richard Hett
Richard and Joyce Hirsch
Ken and Melissa Hoffman
Rich and Bonnie Hulina
Edward R Hulina
Hunter Douglas
Regina M Jacob
Elizabeth B Janney
Dan and Liz Joyce
Jackie Kapcheck
John Kazanowski
Charles Kelley
Dan Kepler
Casey Kozlowski
Ringers Landscaping
Kris Launer
Jim & Cheryl Laurence
Ramah Lautenschlager
Vivian Lazar
Anne and Bob Lee
Linda R Lee
Susan Lenz
Linda Leyden
Tom Liebman
Melinda Cook Lomas
Margaret M Lymperis
Kevin Lynch
Tom and Elizabeth Lyons
Thomas McClain
Joan Parker
Curt Moore
Frank and Inna Morgan
Richard C Cole
Andrea Pauls Backman
Gary Personette
Gary and Michele Polvere
Amy C Kenrich Woods
Kurt Korte
Cynthia S Kueter
Cynthia Lindroth
Michael Dean Madland
Tom and Mary Malia
Kathleen I Meyer
Philip Neznanov
Daphne L. Pals
Lee and Susan McCloud

Rey Mena
Cheryl L Miller
Paula K Moore
The family O’Brien
Robert C Oliver
Mike and Lin Otoole
Pembe Hande Ozdinler
Freddie Pederson
Lance Pellow
Richard and Roxy Pepper
Maryann Pisano
Alex Renko
Heather Rimstidt
Amy and Craig Ritchie
Mark R Sauer
Jack T Schaefer
Mary M Schneider
Donald Schroeder
Ed Scoby
Peter Shaeffer
Suzanne Snoap
Stan & Joanne Stack
Jeanine A. Stark
Jana Stermer
Kathy Stupar
Colleen Sullivan
Eleanor Sweet
David Tabak
Rachael Telleen
Mary Tobias
Paul VanDeBerg
Joy C Wagner
Wickstrom Auto Group
Dave Zimmer
Vanguard Charitable/The Okray Family Charitable Fund
Mary E Peterson
Sarah Bealles
Erik Seyring
Kimberly Keller
Diane Bergan
Patricia B   Mortimer
Dick and Joyce Phillips
Jeffrey M Stupar
Deborah n Hays
Amy C Kenrich Woods
Cynthia Lindroth
Gina Redlin
Deborah Rivera
Linda Starkey
Marin and Dimi Parlev
Andrea Pauls Backman
Gary Personette
Gary and Michele Polvere
Gina Redlin
Deborah a. l. Rivera
Linda Starkey
Neil J Timlin
David M Werner